My Letter 4 Inclusive Education

Why all children should be welcomed in regular classrooms – especially children with disabilities!

How would you feel if you were shut away in a place and not allowed to be with everyone else?  This happens everyday for many students with disabilities and is wrong for a great many reasons. First, it is a human rights violation!  Decades of research have proven that children with disabilities learn better when they are together with all of us.  So why would this be taken away from them? In addition, all kids become more empathetic if they grow up together with children who are different to them.

Every single child has a right to an “inclusive education”. This right to learn together with everyone from your community is found in a United Nations treaty, which Australia and 175 other countries signed. In 2016 the United Nations said the treaty established a fundamental human right for every child to learn in an inclusive classroom and that being put in a separate “special” classroom is not inclusive, but in fact segregation.

For over 40 years research has shown that kids with disabilities learn more in regular classrooms than in “special” classrooms. One reason is because teachers in regular classrooms expect more of all their students. In addition, kids with disabilities can learn more from other kids that are not disabled by working together and the other way round.  So “special” schools do not help kids with disability learn faster or more.

Kids who have experience of other kids who are different from them when they are young are more likely to grow up being tolerant and understanding of difference. This is because kids naturally try to help and understand other people, especially before they develop prejudice from others, like adults. “Special” schools put all the kids with disabilities in one place and make it hard for other kids to learn about disability or difference. This all means that “special” schools actually decrease tolerance and empathy in our community.

In my view, there is no good reason to keep “special” schools. They were created a long time ago when people thought kids with disabilities couldn’t learn, would never get a job and couldn’t live in the community. Times have changed and kids with disabilities have the same rights as all other kids, to go to the same schools as everyone else. Italy closed all its “special” schools in 1978. This shows us it can be done!

Laura 🙂


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